Ducks Unlimited’s 2023 Annual Report
An executive summary of DU’s financial and conservation accomplishments during the past fiscal year
Field Reports: 2023 Fall Habitat Outlook
An overview of wetland conditions on key migration and wintering areas
Conservation: The Cattle Connection
Livestock producers are among DU's most important conservation partners
Understanding Waterfowl: Northern Exposure
In Alaska, a warming climate is having profound impacts on waterfowl and their habitats
DU Special Report: 2023 Status of Waterfowl
This year’s waterfowl survey results reflected variable weather and habitat conditions on key breeding areas across the continent
Texan by Nature Conservation Wrangler: Chenier Plain Restoration
Ducks Unlimited has been recognized with the title of 2023 Conservation Wrangler from Texan by Nature (TxN) for its pivotal role in protecting and preserving the Chenier Plain in Texas.
Field Reports: Waterfowl Production Update
Wetland conditions were variable this year across the Prairie Pothole Region and other key breeding areas
Conservation: Making Every Drop Count
Wetlands play a vital role in conserving and managing California’s precious water resources
Citizen Conservationists
In Minnesota’s prairie pothole country, a dedicated group of waterfowl hunters is bringing back long-lost wetlands
History of Waterfowl Harvest Management
This 18-part DU Podcast series offers a comprehensive breakdown of how waterfowl harvest management has changed over the course of history
Understanding Waterfowl: Mobile Duck Data
Scientists are relying on cell phone technology to better understand waterfowl migration and habitat use
Field Reports: Duck Production Outlook
An overview of habitat conditions across North America’s most important waterfowl breeding areas
How Duck Hunters are Saving the Planet
By supporting efforts to conserve wetlands and broader landscapes across North America, waterfowlers are doing their part to make the world a better place
Understanding Waterfowl: Treasures in the Timber
Crucial to waterfowl and other migratory birds, bottomland hardwood forests are among the world's most biologically diverse ecosystems
Local Solutions, Continental Impact
The Regional Conservation Partnership Program helps DU build stronger relationships with farmers and ranchers at the grassroots level
Understanding Waterfowl: Ducks and Disease
A closer look at the most common waterfowl illnesses
High and Dry
Drought and other long-term water challenges threaten the heart of the Pacific Flyway
Field Reports: 2023 Early-Spring Habitat Outlook
An overview of wetland conditions across key waterfowl breeding areas
Can We Save the Great Salt Lake?
On a waterfowling trip to Utah’s famous inland sea, the author gets a firsthand look at the crisis facing one of the most important wetland ecosystems in the arid West
Understanding Waterfowl: Rebirth of Delta Marsh
By excluding invasive carp, DU Canada and its partners are restoring this legendary waterfowl staging area to its former glory
Conservation: State Success Stories
Public policy at the state level provides crucial support for DU’s mission
Construction Finished in Oregon Wildlife Areas
Ducks Unlimited and ODFW have wrapped up wetland restoration and enhancement projects on 5 state-wildlife areas in Oregon - Fern Ridge, Irrigon, Klamath, Sauvie Island and Summer Lake.
Understanding Waterfowl: Balanced Diets
Waterfowl eat a variety of foods throughout the year to meet changing nutritional needs
DU Special Report: Pintails on the Brink
With a record-low breeding population surveyed last spring, pintails just missed the threshold that would have required a closed season. Following is an update on the status of these highly admired birds
Season in Review 2022–23
Indices of duck populations, habitat conditions, and winter weather
The Future of CRP
Building support for this important agricultural conservation program is a top DU priority in the next Farm Bill
The Waters of the United States
The Waters of the United States
Ducks Out of Water
Field Reports: 2023 Late-Winter Habitat Update
An overview of landscape conditions in key areas for waterfowl across North America
Wetlands and Water
Herring River To Undergo $60 Million Salt Marsh Restoration
DU, partners will protect nearly 900 acres at Cape Cod National Seashore
San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge Wolfweed project complete
Pennsylvania Receives $6 Million for Public Land Habitat Restoration
Funding from Pittman-Robertson will upgrade wetland infrastructure at more than 180 state sites
Using Fire To Restore A Coastal Wetland
Understanding Waterfowl: A Closer Look at Cacklers
These small arctic-nesting geese are among North America’s most interesting waterfowl
Field Reports: Early Winter Habitat Outlook
An overview of wetland conditions in key areas for waterfowl across North America
Massachusetts NWR Receives $3 million for Salt Marsh Restoration
Funding provided by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation will revive 1,600 acres at Parker River
Rhode Island Wetlands Enhanced for Ducks and People
Nearly 200 acres improved at Great Swamp Management Area, Woody Hill Management Area
DU Special Report: 2022 Status of Waterfowl
This year’s Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey results reflect the impacts of widespread, severe drought on the prairies
Understanding Waterfowl: Night Moves
New research reveals that ducks lead active lives after dark
DU Project in South Louisiana Building New Marsh
YouTuber highlights DU’s Bay Denesse Restoration Project
Buffalo Lake Marsh Restoration celebrates longtime supporters
Ducks Unlimited honors benefactors Tim and Karen Hixon
Missouri project dedicated to longtime volunteer
John R. Belz honored with wetland dedication at Clarence Cannon NWR
2022 U.S. State of the Birds Report Reveals Widespread Losses of Birds in All Habitats–Except Wetlands
In 50 years, birds have increased overall in wetlands, a singular exception that shows the way forward for saving birds and benefiting people
Photo Essay: Fall is in the Air
A photographic tribute to the fall migration
DU Helps Prairie Farmers With Sustainable Practices
DU is partner in $40 million Trust In Food climate-smart grant
DU helps reverse import ban of harvested game birds from Canada
USDA APHIS revises rule following scientific consultation with Ducks Unlimited
Understanding Waterfowl: Hunters and Harvest Management
By participating in annual harvest surveys, you can help safeguard waterfowl populations and our hunting traditions